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CTIEC Establishes a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Relationship with Italcementi Group

October 22, 2012, Peng Shou, Chairman of CTIEC, visited the headquarters in Bergamo at the invitation of Italcementi Group. Chairman Peng Shou had in-depth discussions with Donega, SVP of Italcementi Group, on new construction project of cement plants, modernization and expansion of the existing plants, energy conservation and emission reduction and solar PV power station, and both parties reached broad consensus.
With a long history of 150 years, Italcementi Group enjoys an international reputation and has a large demand and potential in the above fields. While CTIEC, with its good performance and technical level, gets a high degree of recognition from Italcementi Group. Both parties agreed to make full use of their respective advantages, establish a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship and work together to carry out the issues mentioned above.
Afterwards, both parties signed the general contract of Shymkent 3000tpd cement production line. Yildiz, General Manager of Shymkent cement plant of Italcementi Group, Civera, Global Purchasing Manager, Vitaletti, Chief Technology Officer, and Ma Mingliang, Assistant President and Cement Department Director of CTIEC attended this signing ceremony.
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